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If You Get Stuck In El Paso Area, We Got You Cover.(915) 799-4845

Need Parts To Fix Your Truck?

We Have a Large Inventory Semi Truck Part That Will Get You Back On The Road. Call Us

Body Panels, Used Tires And More

Whether You Need Tires or Anthing Else Our Mechanics Can Help.

Used Tires

Finding a reliable tire place is hard, even harder is finding quality tires at an affordable price. If you need tires our selection can get in and out in no time.

Welding Services

Heavy duty workloads need heavy duty welding. If you need a reliable fix that can stand up to your daily drive, you can count on our professionals.

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Got A Flat Tire In El Paso Area?

You can never predict a flat tire, so if this happens to you in the El Paso area we’ll drive to you and get you back on the road. Reliable and affordable is what we do best.

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On Site Mechanic

Finding a reliable/affordable mechanic is hard enough, so when you are trying to fix your truck we use a call, our in-house professional can get you back to what you do best in no time.


Besides having an in-house mechanic we can also take care of specialty repairs saving you money in the long run. Our welders can make sure you can safely return to work.

Semi Truck Parts

We have a comprehensive catalog of parts from major semi truck makers, so if you are searching for a specific part give us a call, we’ll be glad to help you find it.

Quality Used Tires

Tires can really affect the overall handling and suspension of any semi truck, so not only do you need a quality tire but the price has to be right. Let us help you find you the best deal.

24 Hour Road Assitance

If you get stranded in the El Paso area give us a call, we’ll drive to you and get you back on the road in no time. Our professional staff is here to help you.

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Tires, Parts, Welding, Mechanics & More Under One Roof!

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